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Arun Parish

Felpham Committees

The main activities of the Parish Council are undertaken through its Committees.

Allotments and Open Spaces

Cllrs Blampied, English, Smart, Wild and Moss

Finance and Adminstration

Cllrs Copeland, English, Flynn, Kissell, Burrows, Matthews, Smart & Moss.

Neighbourhood Plan

Cllrs English, Flynn, Matthews, Moss, Wild, Taylor & Smart

Planning and Licensing

Cllrs Blampied, English, Harvey, Mrs Harvey, Moss, Hewlett, Matthews & Smart


Cllrs English, Moss, Harvey, Mrs Harvey, Matthews, Hewlett, Smart & Taylor

Blakes Mead Development

Cllrs Smart, Copeland, English, Moss, Kissell, Matthews, Burrows & Taylor

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